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Your Next Great Web App Starts Here

Rapid Application Development. The fastest way to transform your ideas into applications.

Using a Rapid Application Development model, we’ve combined the most efficient elements of Lean, SCRUM  and blended them together with a rapid and intense requirements-gathering process.  Our development process is perfectly suited to Entrepreneurial Startups, Fast-Growth Companies, or large companies that need
fast turn around on their projects.  Whether you need an MVP in 30 days or a fully loaded web app we can get it to you on time and budget...really :)

Ready for Today and Tomorrow

From the desktop, to tablets, to next-gen smart phones.


We are experts in programming with the DevExpress® Touch Enabled Controls for ASP.NET.   These components deliver the web solutions that your customers expect today and allow us to quickly  build next generation mobile web applications for tomorrow.  The DevExpress® suite allow us to create touch-enabled web applications for next generation devices such as the iPad and Surface, without abandoning the most popular desktop platform.  Learn more about DevExpress® Touch-enabled controls..

Click here to learn more about the  DevExpress® suite of products we use.

Technologies We Use

Fast and Lightweight Web Apps with XHTML Compliance

A great product needs a great technical foundation. We work with latest Microsoft and cutting edge technologies like C#, SQL Server, Azure, Developer Express Components, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax CSS, and HTML5.  Our web apps are optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory.  Most of our sites support optimizations like HTML compression, callbacks, image sprites, resource caching and sharing.

Our development efforts are cross-browser compatible and are carefully tested against the following browsers to ensure utmost compatibility:
Desktop - Internet Explorer 8+ Mozilla Firefox 2+ Google Chrome 1+ Opera 9+ Apple Safari 3+ Microsoft Edge
Mobile-Android 3+ Browser Apple iOS 5+ Safari Google Chrome on Android IE 10+

Get Started Now-Consulting Packages

From ideas to the web faster

Minimally Viable Product
Web App - Level 1
Web App - Level 2
20 Hours of building your use cases. 80 Hours of Development 120 Hours of Development 240 Hours of Development
Great package if your looking to map out what you are trying to accomplish in  professional way. Need a working web app to show  investors or prospective customers.  This is the package for you. Ready to get your stage 1 Application on the market.  Need a simple bullet proof way to start, then this is a good way to go. Ready to launch big.  This will give you a starting saas package.  It would include SAAS statistics, SAAS sign up, though not payment site integration.
Two days of consulting with your team to review your project, get your ideas turned into actionable user stories, with the goal of developing a plan to get you to the next stage. For 80 hours you will get a basic working prototype / MVP to be made in 4 to 6 calendar weeks that focuses on your most critical path to success. For 120 hours you can expect a commercially durable simple elegant  web app in 8 to 10 calendar weeks. For 240 hours, our team can sometimes deliver the first launch of a SAAS product within 16 calendar weeks. We did this for Skills DB Pro, taking them from idea to launch in just over 240 hours. with two fortune 1000 Companies as their first clients. In our experience launch typically occurs sometime between 200-600 hours. A lot will depend on the complexity of your application and how lean we can make your MVP.

Whether you're an established company or an entrepreneur with a vision, SDA offers a number of consulting packages to get your web applications  built faster.  These consulting packages should give you a good idea as to pricing on what you are trying to accomplish. The complexity of your application could affect pricing and you can purchase additional development time if you need it.

About SDA Technologies Inc.

SDA is a software product and consulting firm and we love what we do.

We are a close-knit team of exceptional developers and designers who are driven by the sole purpose of creating great sofware products for our clients.   Our main office is located in beautiful Bozeman Montana, though we also have employees in Boulder Colorado.
Please contact us now and let us know how we can help you.

Client Portfolio

Been There, Done That. 

I worked alongside Steve of SDA in helping plan and develop a version of the skills db pro for use within the technology office of Barclays Bank PLC. I found him to be very friendly and helpful, and his regular communications ensured that the database was delivered to the required specifications within the allocated timeframe. For users of the application, the screens are very easy to understand and navigate. They are robust and well-built, and have continued to function correctly over the last couple of years. The screen layout ensures good flexibility, and it is easy to modify the fields on the screens if necessary. Because of this, the database is still in use and is one of our valued applications
Rbb COO Chief of Staff Barclays Bank - David h.

SDA has recently completed the design and development of a mission critical database for our company.... He displayed excellent communication skills in his ability to work closely with RFC employees. I would highly recommend SDA. We are very appreciative of their diligent efforts in helping to make this project a great success.
Richard G. Wells MIS Director Republic Financial Corp.

SDA has the unique skill of combining business sense with technical outcomes, as well as communicating these technical issues clearly to non-technical people.
Michael P. New Controller ARC International LTD




Health Care
HealthTeamWorks®, formerly CCGC, is a nonprofit, multi-stakeholder collaborative working to redesign the healthcare delivery system and promote integrated communities of care, using evidence-based medicine and innovative systems. Our goals are to optimize health, improve quality and safety, reduce costs and improve the care experience for patients and their healthcare teams.

John Hancock Natural Resource Group

Hancock Agricultural Investment Group was founded in 1990 by agricultural professionals focused on providing investors with diversified farmland portfolios tailored to client risk and return objectives. We are a fully integrated farmland investment manager, acquiring and managing properties for institutional investors.


The TRACOM Group is The Social Intelligence Company. We change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ and Adaptive Mindset assessments and courses help people create amazing relationships and build high performing organizations.

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