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Crystal Report Training & Microsoft Programming

Learn Crystal Reports in a small classroom environment with an onsite instructor.


Crystal Reports Training Denver Level 1 - 2 days $750

This course is designed to introduce you to the power of Crystal Reports, and give you a solid grounding in the basics of report creation. It is designed for students that are new to Crystal Reports but that have basic Windows experience. The lessons are illustrated by exercises that use Xtreme.MDB, the sample database that comes with Crystal.

Crystal Reports Training Denver Level 2 - 2 Days $750

This course is designed to expand your understanding of Crystal Reports and its more powerful features. It is designed for students that have taken the Intro class or that have equivalent experience. The lessons are illustrated by exercises that use Xtreme.MDB, the sample database that comes with Crystal.

Crystal Report Version We Use in the Classroom.

Per SAP Crystal Reports 2016 is an incremental update will have all the features that are familiar to Crystal Reports 2008/2011/2013 users. 
Crystal Reports Training

Classroom Training or Customized Training For Your Business

Classroom style training is at our Regus facilities. Our main facility is located here: 8181 Arista Place, Suites 100, 200 & 500, Broomfield, Colorado, 80021.   Plenty of parking and easy to get to. 

  • Classes are 9:00 to 3:45 with a 45 minute lunch break.  There are coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance.
  • Minimum of 2 people to make the class a go.  We will notify  you a week before for classes that don't have minimum attendance.  Either reschedule or get a refund.
  • If you have 2 or more signing up it is possible to setup a special class time and location at any of our Regus locations in the Denver/Boulder area.
  • Our instructors are live and onsite with you.  In Denver most classes have remote instructors with hundreds of students. SDA's class sizes are normally 2 to 4 students.

Customized Training For Your Business we tailor a training approach to meet your needs. We offer the following approaches:

  • We come out to your business and provide personalized, one-on-one training that is tailored to your skill set and your computer systems.
  • Classroom training at your place of business. We tailor the course content to meet your needs or your staff's level of expertise. We can also tailor the course content around your specific software applications.

Upcoming Classes

  • Crystal Reports 1 - 11/4/2019 to 11/5/2019(Filled), 11/14/2019 to 11/15/2019(Filled),  12/16/2019 to 12/17/2019
  • Crystal Reports 2 - 11/6/2019 to 11/7/2019(Filled), 12/18/2019 to 12/19/2019

Crystal Reports is our most popular series classes. It is common for dates for this course to fill several weeks in advance. Even if a date shows as not filled, you might not be able to get into that session if it is full. To avoid disappointment, it is best to register for this class as far in advance as you can.


Crystal Reports Level 1

  • Basics:
  • Terminology
  • Using the Standard Expert to get a first draft
  • Working in Preview mode
  • Saving and printing
  • Working in design mode:
  • Understanding the 7 Sections
  • Using Undo
  • Customizing the design environment
  • Guidelines and snap to grid
  • Managing Objects:
  • Adding and deleting objects
  • Sizing objects and sections
  • Working with guidelines
  • Managing Sections:
  • Controlling the visibility of Sections/dd>
  • Hiding vs. Suppressing
  • Summary reports and Drill Down
  • Adding Page breaks
  • Resetting page numbers
  • Splitting Sections
  • Sorting and Grouping:
  • The difference between Sorting and Grouping/dd>
  • Adding, deleting and changing Sorts
  • Adding, deleting and changing Groups
  • The Group Name field
  • How fields behave in headers and footers
  • TopN Reports:
  • Uses for TopN/dd>
  • Sorting Groups
  • Selecting Top and Bottom Groups
  • Challenges when using TopN
  • Basic Group Charts:
  • Steps to adding a Chart/dd>
  • The basic settings of a Chart
  • Changing an existing Chart
  • Grand Totals, Subtotals and Summaries:
  • Types of Summary Operations/dd>
  • Steps to add a Summary
  • Changing a Summary
  • Problems with Summary fields
  • Cross-Tab Objects:
  • Uses of a Cross Tab/dd>
  • Adding a Cross-Tab
  • Changing a Cross-Tab
  • Multiple row/column/summary Cross-Tabs
  • Single dimension Cross-Tabs
  • Cross-Tab placement
  • Record Selection:
  • Using the Select Expert/dd>
  • Components of the rules
  • Editing the Selection Formula directly
  • Finding Null Values in your data
  • Using Group Selection
  • Problems with Group Selection
  • Creating links:
  • Linking overview/dd>
  • Table inflation
  • Using the Visual Linking Expert
  • Join Types in ODBC
  • Adding and removing tables manually
  • Formulas:
  • Adding a new formula/dd>
  • Punctuation in formulas
  • Operators in formulas
  • Editing a formula
  • Deleting a formula
  • Functions in Formulas:
  • Math Functions: (Round(), Sum(), Count(), Average() Minimum() Maximum()/dd>
  • String Functions: Right(), Val(), ToText()
  • Date Math and Date Functions: Year(), Month(), Day(), DayOfWeek()  CurrentDate
  • Date Range Functions: (MonthToDate, YearToDate, etc.)
  • Null values in formulas: IsNull()
  • Other Operators:
  • If-Then-Else logic/dd>
  • Concatenation
  • Checking for one string within another
  • Substring
  • Value is between
  • Value is one of
  • Pasting "browsed" data into a formula
  • Visual Effects and Presentation:
  • Formatting fields by data type/dd>
  • Adding borders to objects
  • Formatting multiple fields
  • Formatting sections
  • Adding lines and boxes
  • Adding special fields
  • Large text objects:
  • Overview/dd>
  • Inserting a Text Object
  • Editing and formatting a Text Object
  • Adding fields to a Text Object


Crystal Reports Level 2

Parameter fields:
    Adding a parameter
    Common uses of parameters
    Selecting all including Nulls
    Using a parameter to affect sorting, formatting, and detail level of a report
    Range and Multiple Parameters.
    Lists of default values
    Response Restrictions
    Dynamic and cascading parameters
    Interactive Parameters and Sort Controls

    Adding an Alert
    Viewing Alert records
    Modifying an Alert

    Situations that call for SubReports
    Unlinked SubReports
    Linked SubReports
    Editing a SubReport
    Tips for working with SubReports

Running Total Fields:
    Running Grand Totals
    Using the "Reset" setting to create Running Subtotals
    Using the "Evaluate" setting to Sum a value once per group

    Variables overview
    The Declaration Statement
    Variable Scopes
    The Assignment Operator
    Setting the Evaluation time
    Variables and Formula punctuation
    Controlling the timing of variable assignment
    Displaying a Variable without incrementing it
    Other uses of variables
    Creating Running Totals with Variables

Conditional Formatting:
    Check box attributes
    Pull-down list of options attributes
    Number or text string attributes

Specific Order Grouping:
    How to set a Specified Order
    How to create a Multi-Value Group
    Including and excluding "Others"

Advanced Boolean Operators:
    4 uses for the word IN

Advanced Formula Functions:
    InStr(), Length(), Val(), ToText(),
    OnFirstRecord, OnLastRecord, InRepeatedGroupHeader

Managing Null Values:
    Null in the data tables
    Formulas that encounter null values
    Nulls in the selection formula

Split Sections:
    Adding a subsection
    Deleting a subsection
    Rearranging subsections
    How to make a section conditional
    Different options for "Keep Together"

Underlay a Section:
    Example uses of Underlay
    How to make it work

Advanced Cross-Tabs:
    Steps to create a Cross-Tab
    Cross-Tab placement
    Making changes to a Cross-Tab
    Advanced Cross-tabs
    Adding calculated rows to Crosstabs (v12 and later)

Advanced Charts and Maps:
    Inserting a Group Chart
    Two-Dimensional Charts
    Using Advanced Chart
    Using the Mapping feature (optional)

    Document exports such as PDF and Excel
    Data Exports such as CSV
    Other Export formats

Using SQL within Crystal Reports:
    Displaying the SQL Statement
    Understanding SQL and ODBC
    Creating a simple DSN
    Adding SQL Expressions for performance
    Adding SQL Commands


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